The gear

Cool, you have laser weapons! You can blast Imperial Stormtroopers like Han Solo in Star Wars, right?! Well not quite, we want our players to survive to battle another day.

Our gaming guns, or taggers, use the latest technology available in the industry to give you instant feedback on your mission progress.

Using safe infrared light and advanced radio communications, the taggers interact directly with each other without the need for a central computer as used in traditional indoor lasertag.

We have five styles of taggers that can emulate 69 different real-life and sci-fi weapons. Using light and sound effects, and voice feedback in a choice of 13 languages, you will know instantly when you’re tagging other players, or being tagged yourself and it’s time to find some cover!

With a range of up to 180 metres, even in broad daylight, this is awesome technology and guaranteed to get the adrenaline flowing.

Lasertag is non-contact entertainment suitable for players aged 7+.

The games

Turn off the console. Shut down the PC. It’s time for live action gaming.

We play a variety of team missions that you might be familiar with if you’ve ever played Call of Duty or similar online games.

  • Team vs Team – eliminate as many opposing players as you can in a timed round
  • Capture the Flag – take the opposition’s flag from their base back to your base for bonus points
  • Capture & Control (aka Domination) – capture a point on the battlefield and stop the opposition from taking that territory from you
  • Push the Flag – take a neutral flag from the middle of the battlefield and push forward to the raise the flag in the opposition’s base for bonus points
  • VIP Escort – your team must protect a VIP from opposition ambush as you move between checkpoints
  • Free For All – no teams, it’s everyone for themselves! Stealth and strategy for survival.

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