We started the series last week with an overview of the advanced system used in all of our lasertag equipment. For the next few weeks we’re going to showcase our gaming guns in more detail, starting with the Cobra Phaser.Cobra_Black_wRedDot800

The Cobra from Battlefield Sports is a fully featured, precision engineered unit that is versatile for any game scenario. It’s built tough, with a reinforced polycarbonate body and internal silicon seals to make it highly water-resistant. With smooth edges and no protruding barrel, the Cobra is safe for fast-paced indoor games, while its light weight (just 1.8kg) gives players speed and durability for outdoor missions.

In long-range mode, the Cobra can shoot up to an incredible 120m. Like all of our gaming guns, it has a 30mm red-dot scope mounted on top for enhanced aiming and integrated head and barrel infra-red sensors. The muzzle flash effect when the Cobra is firing can be configured in different colours and has a unique ‘Predator’ three-dot pattern that looks awesome at indoor venues.

In summary, the Cobra is a great all-rounder and a popular choice for players of all ages. Book your next lasertag event with us and see for yourself why we love it!

Next week it’s time for the big guns and a closer look at the Pulse Rifle.